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Greetings! Welcome to our website for the Idaho Rose Society. This is our way to share with you, our knowledge of roses and absolute love of growing and showing roses, and encourage those of you who also have that dream or interest in roses to join our society and learn more about roses and to teach others about the many benefits of growing roses. Our Society is made up of members from diverse walks of life who share a common interest of roses. Member services are provided on a voluntary basis and provide an important role in informing our community about different types of roses and the proper maintenance of rose gardens. This site will inform you about, becoming a member, our calendar of events, the annual rose show, how to select the best roses for your area, the Boise Rose Garden, and many interesting articles and information about roses. Enjoy your visit and come back and visit often!

President, Idaho Rose Society

Mission Statement
The Idaho Rose Society is a nonprofit affiliate of the American Rose Society, founded in Boise Idaho February of 1978. We are a local chapter of the Rocky Mountain District. Members are a wonderfully diverse group of people. We have housewives, engineers, teachers, secretaries, businessmen, students, retired folks and more. We share a love for roses and are non-professional rose growers. Our goal is to share our knowledge of and enthusiasm for roses with the public. We promote interest in roses through membership meetings, our monthly newsletter, and our annual rose show. We have educational programs, and other community activities. All are welcome to attend our monthly Membership meetings to learn more about roses and share in the camaraderie of those who love them. Beginners can learn which varieties are particularly well suited to our climate, and how to make them flourish. Experienced rose growers can learn even more and share their expertise with others. With the right varieties, correct care and feeding, roses will reward you here in Idaho. The Idaho Rose Society meets the first Monday of each month March through October. Meeting place varies and is announced in the monthly newsletter.

The Idaho Rose Society provides an opportunity to share a love of roses by providing information, education and demonstrations at our meetings.

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Affiliate of the American Rose Society, founded in Boise Idaho February of 1978. Local chapter of the Rocky Mountain District.
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